September 26, 2008

We live BY faith (or do we)?

Paul, in 2 Corinthians 5:7 says "For we walk by faith, not by sight". But when I consider my life am I really doing that? I believe that I'm actually just now learning what it means to live in such a way that I'm no longer depending on my own abilities, talents, work-ethic, etc. to get me anywhere. I'm being forced into trusting God at every turn and that He is going to be the much better portion, even when I can't see that portion with my own two eyes. As a culture, we are taught to do well in school, get a job, go to college, get a better job, get married, get a better job, have kids, work harder and then someday send your kids to college, work some more, retire, die. Wow! Could it be any more depressing? At what point did we forget to insert the "if God will's it" element? Might there be something so amazing for us (even in this life, not even looking to the "eternal" destiny) that would be so God-glorifying that it would convince us to give up and start living by faith? I wonder how much we (or I) miss out on just because we don't walk by faith. It might be staggering to realize how much we pass up by assuming we should only follow what we see. This entry is more of a quick rant as I'm on the run but I guess my prayer is that Jesus would teach us what it means to trust him even when we can't see what's going on ahead of us. I'm excited to share some of my story in recent days with you, but I can so clearly and boldly say that God has been coming through for me in ways that only He could. Praise be to God.

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davidaronhopper said...

Chad, thank you for this post, and this blog in general.

It seemed like just trusting in God and doing whatever just in faith was so much easier when I was younger. Now being married and having kids, it seems like I'm constantly worried about things, but the truth is, God didn't change.

He is still there and still our provider.