September 2, 2008

Vision of The Dam

I was in Albuquerque, NM on July 26th when God gave me this vision. It was immediately after the Glorious Unseen/Ember Days set at around 11PM.

I received a mental picture of a huge body of water. Very still, placid water. A massive man-made dam was holding back the water. The dam appeared to have been in place for year and years but stretched for miles. It was enormous. For years it had lived up to it's intended purpose of holding back the waters. On the dry side of the dam I noticed that there were cracks and fissures, indicating it's aging weakness. I felt the Lord saying that the work that had happened that night in ALBQ did some serious damage in a spiritual sense. Again I saw the body of water held back by the dam but this time I noticed that one of the cracks was starting to pour forth a small but steady stream of water. God was saying that WE had caused the growing weakness with our intercession for this country (and especially UNITY amongst believers and there respective "Denominations" - Demon nations, ha?). The last picture I saw was accompanied with God saying "look and see what I will be doing". I saw the body of water being held back by a weakening dam and then, in an instant, the pressure caused by the weight of the water completely crushed the dam and broke it down to pieces. Huge swells of water rushed out over a green, hilly land and didn't leave anything in it's path untouched. Trees were uprooted, boulders were being carried away by the massive flow of water and it was pouring fourth without being held back an ounce.

At the time I didn't completely understand what the body of water symbolized but felt God explained it later as his Body of believers here in the US. and that he was going to use the youth to uproot years and years worth of man-made opposition to His plan. All summer I've had the verse in 1 Corinthians 1:27 - "God will use the foolish things of this world to bring shame to the wise and the weak things of this world to bring down the Mighty things".

I firmly believe that a Movement is coming where the youth will be living their lives in complete abandon to anything but the power of the Holy Spirit guiding them onward towards the cross. It's already happening. Maybe not in easily defined terms, but the work God is doing is reaching kids at the core where previous generations had not considered going. I pray that we would be prepared to live our lives as though the end is upon us and we're quickly exiting the scene. I'm beyond tired of living a luke-warm Christian faith and God knows I'm hungry to feel some heat.


Michael C said...

Hey man, found your blog through, I'm in Scotland, UK. Just felt led to post and encourage you with this blog, it's going to be an awesome resource and inspiration to loadsa folk!
Awesome vision you had, we need some of that dam-busting over here too!

Bless ya,

Michael C

Julie said...

really good stuff chad...thanks for sharing the vision the Lord gave you. i know He has placed you in the midst of it...for such a time as this.

Anna said...

That is really awesome chad. I can't wait to read more and talk to you.

Jones Family said...

Amazing, Chad! I love this post and I too believe change is on the horizon and that a true movement is happening. -Brandon Jones

Levi The Poet said...


ha. that's all i can think to say.