August 20, 2008

Old School Journal Entry - August 2nd, 1994

I decided to share some entries from time to time out of an old Journal. The only time I seriously kept a journal was my Junior year (1994/95) of college. Kind of sad that I haven't really spent the time (nor cared) to keep a record of what was happening (or what God was doing) in my life over the past 12 years. I had a friend tell me today that he felt the word "Wilderness" was something I could relate to. I guess if I had to apply that thought to my journal you could easily see that I've spent a ton of time in some dry lands. More on dry wilderness in a future post.

Not sure if anyone will care but it's a great excuse for me to go back in time and re-live a very special period in my life. Here's the first in a series of "Old School Journals".

August 2nd, 1994

Context: Headed back from a summer discipleship program in Panama City Beach, FL to start my junior year of college. In case you are confused, Beth is my wife of 12 years and at the time was my lady friend.

"Lord, I am scared of leaving here. I have learned so much this summer; Sharing your love with others, giving more of me to you, being taught to give this love freely, and growing deeper with you and stronger with Beth. I wish that I could take her (Beth) with me but your plans are perfect. Please teach me to love her more and more. I pray that one day I will have her as my wife (prayer answered on 08/03/96), but only if this will bring you glory! Take away my small fears and insecurities and remind me of how deep your love is for me. I love you with all my heart."


mike said...

The future is here...

Hey Chad, it mike from showbread. this will be interesting to hear what God is doing in your life through blogs. we started one too...

Samuel J Yergler said...

Hey Chad,
This all looks great I can't wait to read more. I wanted to thank you again for the ride to Nashville. You are a saint and I really appreciated it. Keep doing what you are doing.
Love Sam Yergler

scotty said...

now that rules. dude this is sweet. Scottyrocker

Levi said...

dude, it's crazy when you find entries from years long gone. i'm stoked you got these blogs going, chad. i hope all is well - been thinking about some of the stuff you said to me a while back, and just wanted to thank you again... the lord has definitely used you to touch me in more ways than one - be encouraged my brotha! i hope to see you again somewhere down the line. god bless.