March 9, 2010

India Revived

Note: This story is passed along from my Sister and family who run a ministry (Kingdom Foundations) to orphans and widows in Bangalore, India. My prayer is that these stories would encourage your hearts as they've encouraged mine. Please consider praying for and financially encouraging these brothers and sisters. Visit them on the web at


These past few weeks have been a whirlwind for us. Finally life has become a little more normal and we are able to process all that the Lord has done and is continuing to do through the conferences and crusades with Randy Clark and team ( My husband Ravi and I have watched as people we know and love have been radically changed. People who have never before encountered the Holy Spirit are experiencing His touch in deep ways. Over and over again we have heard statements like, "I don't know what is happening to me. I cannot stop these tears from falling. I feel this incredible warmth all over my body and this amazing peace is sweeping over me." Isn't that who our Jesus is? How He loves to tenderly touch the depths of our hearts with His gentle yet all consuming love.

The first two days with Randy were spent here in Bangalore at a large pastor's conference. There was a time of waiting on the Lord and after there was such a strong sense of His presence. The Lord started imparting on people's lives in such a way that they were not able to stand, literally as the Lord's presence came. Randy focused much on healing and spent a great deal of time waiting on the Lord and asking people with different physical problems to stand and receive healing from the Lord. What was so beautiful about this, is that no one was standing with them praying for them, it was just Jesus alone, the Healer, who came and healed. In India there is such a tendency in the culture to praise men rather than God when a miracle takes place. But in this case....people experienced first hand that it had nothing to do with man, but it was completely the Lord. This was something I had really cried out for before the conferences took place; that the King of Kings would be glorified, not man. Thank you Jesus!! Ravi and I and the people of India were so touched by the humility of Randy Clark. What a breath of fresh air to have this man of God in our city.

Some of the miracles which took place during the Bangalore conference were years of chronic back problems instantly gone. There were people with iron rods in different parts of their bodies (because of car accidents/surgeries) who could not bend or move because of the iron rods. There were a handful of people who could completely bend and move those body parts again. One of our staff had an iron rod in his knee and was not able to bend his knee for years and he was completely able to bend his knee. Talk about crazy!! There were some who had been possessed by demons who came or who were brought. One woman in her 40's was brought by car to the meetings. She had been possessed for 5 years. When she reached the meetings she refused to step out of the car and enter the church building. The people dragged her out of the car and as soon as she entered the church, she screamed and fell. She sat up and was totally healed! No one prayed for her or laid hands on her....just the sweet presence of Jesus who loves to set the captives free, freed her. There was such an impartation given to the pastors and a refreshing. We are still seeing the fruit of this conference in Bangalore. Pastors are calling and coming to our home saying they are not satisfied where they are and are hungry for more! They ask Ravi to help them go deeper. This is what we have been praying for! Fruit that is lasting and changing. Lives that are not the same and cannot go back to their old ways because the God of the universe came and reached His hand down from on high and touched their core.

Really the greatest outpouring that we witnessed was in another city called Krishnagiri. There we hosted a three day pastors conference during the day and 3 nights of open air crusades. Randy Clark and Ravi both spoke during the pastors conference. The Lord led Ravi to communicate to the people that there is no difference between these precious pastors who are poor and this man from America. Ravi's heart was to express to his people the same God who leads Randy and works through him is the same God who leads them and works through them. It was very powerful as the Lord gave Ravi specific names of different pastors and spoke specific things about their lives. The pastors were greatly encouraged to see one of their own being used by Jesus to speak into their lives. There are too many incredible stories for me to share with you in this letter of all that happened during their time there. I am going to highlight some of them. We saw an incredible amount of deaf and dumb people completely healed. Many were precious little children who had never been able to hear or speak since birth. Can you imagine their excitement as they heard sounds for the first time? There were also many healed who had either been blind from birth or who had become blind. On the 2nd night there was a muslim woman and her daughter who came to the crusade. They came secretly to the meeting. That night the mother was touched and healed and went home to her husband and shared what had happened to her. The next night the whole family came with the father leading them and all were saved and touch by God! Thank you Jesus!!

There was a man and a woman who has been possessed by demons for 15 years who came and both radically delivered. One member of the team prayed for a woman with a lump in her throat and it disappeared right then. There were people who could not walk, who stood and walked. There were some instances of people who had short limbs who could not walk, who actually had their limbs grow out and become normal so they could walk normally. Incredible!! Really there are too many miracles to share! The incredible thing, is that the healing and outpouring of the Lord did not stop there after the three days were over. We continue to hear of people who are being healed. Pastors who have had revelation that this was meant for them to walk out on this earth are going to the sick and praying for them and watching them be healed. The following day after the conference and crusade was over one pastor decided he was going to see if the Lord would heal through him praying for the sick. So he went to a hospital and prayed for a woman who had been in a coma and she immediately woke up and came out of her coma!! Yeah Jesus!!

Perhaps for me one of the most precious things about the time Randy and his team were here, was that several of our kids (orphans) were able to be a part of the meetings. In particular 4 of our boys were incredibly touched. Each of them had encounters with the Father and felt His incredible and deep love for them. Two of them heard the Lord call their names and saw an incredible bright light as they were in His presence. They were so touched and have been so hungry for the Lord ever since. I could not ask for more, to watch them bask in His love and receive healing from past wounds. They have a renewed sense of who they are and what God has for them.

Well, honestly I could go on and on. So much has happened and is continuing to happen. We are overwhelmed by the kindness of our Savior. We want to thank all of you who stood with us in prayer for God to move….thank you for investing into lives here through prayer and intercession. Thank you for lifting us up as a family. It was challenging for us as a family as we did not have much time together and as Ravi and I were so exhausted. But there was grace. We love you guys. Thank you for loving us….you are such a gift to us!!

All our love…
The Kandal family

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That's amazing! Thanks for sharing, that was really encouraging =) Jesus loves you!