February 8, 2010

We have lift off.......

Please stop whatever you might be doing and take a second to celebrate with us! Check out our new and highly improved comeandlive.com. While you're there, be sure to listen to (and download) any of the first Five releases along with our first sampler, "I Am Living!, Vol. One" (new releases coming weekly!), get a better idea of who we are and please check out our new friends at The Jonah Project, ministering to the down and out on Skidrow in downtown LA!

We are celebrating today because the Lord has treated us with great kindness. Our dream has been to tastefully explain the heart behind Come&Live! as well as to begin providing music as a digital gift. As of today, both of these things are reality. Not only are we beginning to see part one of our dream realized, but this website was 100% funded by the generosity of individuals like yourself. We could not have done this without you! For each of you who have prayed for us, donated cheerfully and willingly, pledged via Kickstarter, or simply encouraged a friend to check us out, THANK YOU!

The completion of this website is one of many things that we praise God and His perfect timing for. The site will serve as the global web foundation for the work He has called us to do, mainly to "establish the kingdom of God within a community of musicians." That's how one of our band members described this mission and we couldn't agree more.

Would you please help us in establishing God's kingdom amongst musicians?

Here are four ways you can help us:

1. Commit to pray for us.
2. Spread the word about Come&Live!
3. Donate. Join our growing Support Team. We need your help.
4. Support our artists. You can do this by praying for them, going to their shows, buying their merchandise, opening your home to them, or even by bringing them cookies on the road.

Would we all be examples of God's generosity to all men, in all places, for all time.


P.S. Be sure to check out the latest promotional video here.

1 comment:

cam. said...

I'm so ecstatic about this! Congrats! It's awesome to see God's plan falling together. I will keep you all in continual prayer and do what a can for you guys.

May God bless you all and may His plans be to prosper you and bring His kingdom through you!